Reading Tarot Cards for Beginners: Key Tips and Tricks

Опубликовано 25.08.2023


Embarking on the journey of tarot reading can seem daunting for beginners. With its rich symbolism and intricate interpretations, understanding tarot cards can be challenging yet rewarding. So, how to read tarot cards for beginners? This article outlines key tips and tricks to kickstart your tarot reading journey, highlighting the best tarot cards for beginners, how to shuffle tarot cards for beginners, and beneficial questions to ask.

Choosing Your Tarot Deck

Selecting your first tarot deck is a crucial step. The best tarot cards for beginners are those that resonate with you personally. Start with decks that use simple and recognizable symbolism. The Rider-Waite Tarot deck, with its easy-to-understand imagery, is often recommended for newcomers to the world of tarot.

Familiarize Yourself With the Deck

Once you’ve chosen your deck, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with it. Start by going through the deck card by card. Observe the images, colors, and symbols. What feelings or thoughts do they evoke? Don’t rush this process; give yourself time to understand and connect with each card.

Understand the Basic Structure

Tarot decks generally contain 78 cards, divided into the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The 22 Major Arcana cards represent life’s karmic and spiritual lessons, while the 56 Minor Arcana cards reflect our daily trials and tribulations. Understanding this basic structure can facilitate your learning process.

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards for Beginners

Properly shuffling your tarot deck is an integral part of a successful reading. Hold the deck in your dominant hand and tap it lightly to release any previous energies. Then, shuffle the cards as you would any standard deck. Split the deck into three piles with your non-dominant hand, then put them back together in any order. As a beginner, don’t worry about the method; focus more on your connection with the deck.

Crafting the Right Questions

One of the key aspects of a tarot reading is the question you ask. The more precise you are with your questions, the more specific your answers will be. Questions to ask tarot cards for beginners should be clear and open-ended. Avoid yes/no questions; instead, try to frame your inquiries in a way that invites detailed responses, like «What do I need to know about…» or «What is the potential outcome if I…»

Practice Regularly and Patience

Patience is crucial when learning to read tarot cards. Begin with simple readings for yourself and practice regularly. With time, you’ll start to notice patterns, develop a deeper understanding of the cards, and feel more confident in your readings.

Continue Learning and Growing

Tarot reading is an ongoing journey of discovery and growth. Join online forums, read tarot-related books, and consider taking courses. Never stop learning and keep an open mind.


Learning how to read tarot cards for beginners can be an exciting and transformative journey. By choosing the right deck, familiarizing yourself with the cards, asking the right questions, and practicing regularly, you’ll find yourself progressively adept in the art of tarot reading. Remember, tarot reading is a deeply personal and intuitive process, so trust your instincts and enjoy the journey.