How to Create a Personal Connection with Your Tarot Deck

Опубликовано 25.08.2023


Venturing into the realm of tarot reading is not merely about acquiring a skill. It’s about forming a relationship with a critical instrument — your tarot deck. Cultivating a personal affinity with your tarot deck is vital for enhancing readings and unlocking your intuitive capabilities. So, how can you establish a connection with your tarot deck? This article will delve into various tactics for bonding with your tarot deck, touching upon the metaphysical facets that amplify this connection.

Select the Appropriate Deck

Connecting with your tarot deck commences with the deck selection process. Opt for a deck that aligns with you — one that corresponds with your aesthetic preferences, spiritual philosophies, or emotional reactions. Some may feel a pull towards the traditional imagery of the Rider-Waite deck, while others may prefer more contemporary depictions. The ‘right’ deck is the one that communicates with you most significantly.

Engage with Your Deck

Once you’ve identified your tarot deck, engage with it. Hold the deck in your hands, scrutinize each card, and observe the symbols, colors, and patterns. This observation is not merely a physical act; it’s a metaphysical one, facilitating an energy exchange between you and your cards. Consider sleeping with the cards beneath your pillow or carrying them with you throughout the day to enhance this energy exchange and bond with your tarot deck.

Purify and Energize Your Deck

To augment your bond, it is paramount to purify and energize your tarot deck routinely. Purifying removes your deck of any negative energy it may have amassed. This can be done by smudging your deck with sage or palo santo, utilizing a cleansing crystal, or simply positioning your deck in a bowl of salt overnight. Energizing, conversely, empowers your deck, aligning it with your energy. Leave your deck exposed to the moonlight or sunlight, or clutch your deck while meditating to recharge its energy.

Use Regularly

Consistent use is vital for bonding with your tarot deck. Whether you’re performing daily single-card draws or larger spreads, frequent use will enhance your grasp of the deck’s energy. As your understanding deepens, so will your connection, leading to more precise and insightful readings.

Maintain a Tarot Journal

Maintaining a tarot journal is a valuable resource for creating a personal bond with your tarot deck. After each reading, note down your impressions of the cards and your interpretations. This practice will not only deepen your understanding of each card but will also underscore your personal relationship with your deck, and how it evolves over time.

Honor and Cherish Your Deck

Treating your tarot deck with honor and affection is fundamental to forming a deep, enduring bond. This involves caring for your cards physically—keeping them clean and storing them appropriately—as well as energetically. Express gratitude to your deck for its guidance and insights. View it as a reliable friend and spiritual mentor.


Learning how to establish a connection with your tarot deck is a critical part of your journey with tarot reading. It’s not only about understanding the meanings behind the cards; it’s about fostering a personal bond that amplifies your intuition and discernment. By selecting the appropriate deck, engaging with your cards, purifying and energizing your deck, practicing regularly, and treating your deck with respect, you can establish a robust, lasting connection with your tarot deck. Remember, tarot is a profoundly personal and metaphysical journey, and forming a personal bond with your deck is a pivotal step on this path.